Dave Hobson

Director, Facility Documentation, As-Built Services & Modeling Services

Dave is a Veteran of the United States Marine Corps where he spent 6 years working signals intelligence for NSA. He also spent one deployment in Iraq tracking high-value targets (HVT’s). Dave has 5 years of experience at Kahuna, and has designed multiple 75+ MMSCFD Compressor Stations. Dave started in Kahuna’s Field Services Division and was promoted to the Field Services Manager soon after. where he tripled the size of his department. Dave is currently the Director of Facility Documentation, As-Built Services and Modeling. He has experience in oil and gas production facilities in the DJ, Powder River, and Delaware basins. Dave oversees the full scope of design including mechanical, I&E, civil, & structural for more than fifty meter stations. He has been an integral part of Kahuna providing well pad design packages for TX, KY, NY, CO, OR, IA. Since early 2019, Dave has overseen 14 BCF/D in meter station designs.