Greg Kruse, P.E.

Director, Engineering/ Senior Process Engineer

Greg joined Kahuna Ventures in 2007 and has gained experience in the design, construction and operation of gas facilities including gathering, compression, treating, refrigerated and cryogenic NGL recovery, vapor recovery and NGL fractionation. He is versed in industry-related safety and environmental regulations and practices including OSHA, DOT, ASME B31.3 and ASME B31.8, various API Recommended Practices and Standards, ASME BPV and NBIC.

He has completed process feasibility studies for bulk CO2 removal in West Texas based on available technologies: Selexol®, Morphesorb ® and cellulose acetate membranes. He also completed a debottlenecking analysis for a West Texas bulk CO2 removal facility and a Four Corners cryogenic and amine treating gas plant.

Greg has a proficient understanding in two phase gathering and processing alternatives for prospective associated gas projects in the Williston Basin’s Bakken Formation. Based on market demand, Greg has performed process modeling and budgetary pricing for modular processing plant options to be installed on potential shut-in well locations due to flaring restrictions.

In addition to project management and process design, Greg was named the Director of Engineering in 2017, reinforcing Kahuna’s belief that growth from within the company will develop stronger balanced engineers.