Water and Wastewater BIM

Kahuna’s Laser Scanning and Modeling Team specializes in supporting engineers and asset managers with BIM model data and reality capture. With roots in the energy infrastructure industry, Kahuna understands the value behind precise data in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our expertise and knowledge of geospatial survey technology and Revit/ 3D modeling software allows us to supplement your current scan team, or provide a full suite of laser scanning, point cloud, Revit and 3D modeling services.
Utilizing a variety of laser scanning and modeling technologies, Kahuna can provide customized solutions to complex water/wastewater facility projects. Capable of collecting over a million data points per second, 3D laser scanning with HDRI (High-dynamic-range imagery)  provides extreme accuracy at an accelerated rate using LiDAR technologies.


  • Cost-Effective & Timely Solutions
  • Reliable and accurate data for facility asset management and modifications.
  • Precise data collection capability in areas deemed to be unsafe or inaccessible.
  • Gain an accurate understanding of existing conditions.
  • Utilize point cloud data generated from the scan in BIM/ 3D modeling software for MEP engineering and construction.



Leica scanners move 360° horizontally to scan and a mirror within the scanner also scans 270° vertically.


•   Create 3D models from the point cloud data for Revit MEP detailing.
•   Scan your facility for accurate as-built information when planning an expansion or retrofit project to reduce design errors.
•   Solidify tie-in locations for mechanical design changes and visually see potential obstruction locations (valve operators), access ways, control panels, 
     junction box locations and other potential obstructions while knowing exactly where they are located.
•   Walkthrough your facility point cloud and train operations staff from a remote, safe location.
•   The Leica P40 Laser Scanner has a built-in camera for a full colored point cloud and HDRI.

To request a demo, please contact Jack Singh at JSingh@KahunaUSA.com