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Partner with our clients to execute their energy projects, on-time and on-budget, add value through innovative solutions to tough problems — and enjoy the ride! Work hard AND play Hard!

We are proud to work with the BEST in the industry!

From modest beginnings, KAHUNA USA has grown to become one of the most respected ENERGY PROJECT EXECUTION solutions providers in North America. Our reputation grows with each new project—by doing the right thing and solving energy project execution challenges. We serve our clients, support our team members, and do right by the communities where we live and work. KAHUNA USA proudly serves clients ranging from limited partnerships and private equity-backed companies to significant producers. 

Kahuna Gas was founded by Gary Davis and was soon joined by Scott Schamp; John Rheinheimer and Gregg Kostelecky soon followed. Together these four Founding Members created Kahuna Ventures and started Kahuna Design together with Mark Bross, who was joined by Mike Phillips. Each of these founders brought impressive individual credentials—but together, they helped create something more significant than the sum of their respective resumes. Kahuna Ventures and Kahuna Design were formally joined in 2022 to create KAHUNA USA.

KAHUNA USA is committed to ensuring we remain prepared to continue delivering innovative and effective ENERGY PROJECT EXECUTION by planning for the future. We are growing LEADERSHIP from within—not only do our team members benefit from continuing technical education through KAHUNA UNIVERSITY, but our future leaders also gain practical experience by doing. We work hard to stay exceptional. Click below for details on the innovative management structure at KAHUNA USA and our commitment to team member development below:

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