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Carbon Capture,
Renewable Natural Gas + Methane Reduction


KAHUNA USA has extensive expertise managing acid gas injection and compression and carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS). We are also using emerging treating technologies to enable renewables. KAHUNA USA is a FULL-SERVICE ENERGY PROJECT EXECUTION engineering and design firm dedicated to providing cost-effective, operations-focused energy project execution SOLUTIONS

 KAHUNA USA vigorously advocates for our clients, creating lasting relationships by adding value to every project through insightful engineering and design support. We provide just what you need and nothing you don’t. While modular gas processing skid assemblies to manage acid gas sound efficient, there is simply no such thing as a one-size-fits-all energy project. KAHUNA USA provides just what you need and nothing you don’t—and we do it well by designing to maximize return while balancing all of your operating parameters. KAHUNA USA is known for doing it better, faster, and on budget. Want to learn more about carbon capture? Our own Greg Kruse outlines the challenges, available options and reviews future opportunities currently in development. The stakes are high, but there has never been a better time for natural gas and renewables. KAHUNA USA is proud to be helping our industry move forward.

KAHUNA USA is the owner’s engineer–a proven and trusted interim resource. Our project execution team supports all efforts, from upfront capital cost estimating to successful start-up, commissioning, operations training, due diligence, and FEED studies.

KAHUNA USA has the proven ability to execute projects through an EPCM T&M approach or as a Lump Sum EPC project structure with proven construction partner relationships. KAHUNA USA is committed to working with YOUR desired contract and project approach. KAHUNA USA knows natural gas and carbon capture, amine treating, CO2 sequestration, biogas, and renewable natural gas (RNG) are part of an exciting cleaner energy future. 

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We're here to help with Carbon Capture,
Renewable Natural Gas + Methane Reduction.

Anadarko - San Juan River Gas Plant​

KAHUNA USA worked with Anadarko for the design and installation of a 5 MMscfd acid gas injection (AGI) train at the San Juan River Gas Plant. Originally built in the 1960s, the facility modifications required delicate planning and avoidance around asbestos and lead containing materials. The project kickoff started with an engineering debottleneck evaluation of the current amine circulation systems and optimization for conversion from a DEA solution to a DGA solution. The acid gas injection compressors were 6-state Ariel compressors with Caterpillar 3508 drivers and water-cooled heat exchangers that boosted the pressure from 5 psi to 2,000 psi for supercritical injection of the 85% CO2 / 15% H2S process stream.

Seaboard Projects -
Renewable Natural Gas

Seaboard Farms/Energy planned to install six (6) RNG Facilities in Kansas and Oklahoma. Each facility will produce approximately 5MMscfd of pipeline grade natural gas to be delivered to clients by tying into existing natural gas pipelines. The gas is to be produced from pig waste generating gas inside anaerobic digester lagoons.  The gas from the lagoons is planned to be collected and transported via pipeline to a centrally located gas plant where it will be cleaned and compressed before being sold.

KAHUNA USA worked these projects in conjunction with a construction company to deliver turn-key (EPC) facilities. KAHUNA USA was responsible for: full I&E design for each anerobic digester lagoon and lift station on the gas generation and gathering side of the project. For the gas processing facilities KAHUNA USA was responsible for the civil/structural, I&E and mechanical design packages.  KAHUNA USA also supported overall project management, operating procedures, cause and effects diagrams, and construction support.

Piñon - Dark Horse Treating facility

KAHUNA USA worked with Piñon for the design and installation of a 100 MMscfd to 80 MMscfd amine treating facility with ~ 5.5 MMscfd acid gas injection (AGI) at the Dark Horse Treating Facility. The facility was designed for expansion to accommodate future high pressure inlet gas, one additional amine treating train, and an additional AGI compressor and pump to expand AGI volume to 11 MMscfd.  

Since full buildout KAHUNA USA has been working with Piñon to install a third amine treating train expandable to a fourth train. The two acid gas injection compressors are 6-stage Ariel compressors with 2,250 HP electric motor drivers and 125 HP positive displacement pumps boosting the acid gas pressure from 5 psig to up to 3,700 psig for supercritical injection of the 40% CO2/60% H2S acid gas stream.  H2S in the sour water stream is converted to colloidal sulfur via a proprietary chemical injection process and treated water can be hauled as standard produced water.

Sour condensate is pumped to a 2,000 bbl/d, two-tower stabilizer. Overhead vapors are recycled to four three-stage Ariel inlet compressors driven by Caterpillar G3608 engines. RVP 9 condensate and a sweet NGL product are produced from the second stabilizer tower

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