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KAHUNA USA currently has 12 full-time dedicated structural team members. With more than 80 years of structural and civil engineering experience at KAHUNA USA, and well over 120 years of structural industry experience, KAHUNA USA is well positioned to address your structural needs. We are able to stamp in Colorado, Kansas, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

At KAHUNA USA we work across engineering disciplines to ensure a seamless design experience including:

KAHUNA USA brings field and operating experience as an embedded VALUE ADD to ensure designs are straight-forward for installation and maintenance demands.

Our CIVIL + STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING team offers a wide range of services including permitting support, environmental clearances, engineering design, construction compliance and project development. KAHUNA USA is HIGHLY EFFECTIVE AND EXPERIENCED. Our team of professionals includes licensed engineers, designers, and field representatives. Infrastructure services include:

  • Site Investigation Reports
  • Site Grading & Drainage Design
  • Storm Water Quality Ponds
  • Site Utility Drainage
  • Cut/Fill Optimization
  • Floodplain Analysis/Reclamation
  • FEMA Map Revisions
  • Site Plan Development

Civil + Structural
skills list

The KAHUNA USA CIVIL + STRUCTURAL team works with all disciplines to ensure seamless PROJECT EXECUTION assuring trusted support throughout. From facility layout to coordinating with surveyors and setting the groundwork, the KAHUA USA CIVIL + STRUCTURAL team has your back.

  • Arc Flash
  • Switchgear
  • MCC
  • VFD
  • Transformer
  • PLC
  • HMI
  • Control System
  • NEC
  • Area Classification
  • Coordination Study
  • Generator
  • Grounding
  • Heat Trace
  • System Integration

REAL Just-in-time engineering

KAHUNA USA CIVIL + STRUCTURAL Engineering and Design pros consistently provide just in time engineering. This isn’t hype–it’s a point of pride. From  rapid IFC designs to quickly, and correctly, responding to RFI’s from the field, we complete these FASTER THAN ANYONE in the industry.

We provide complete grading packages coordinating with other disciplines to complete total model. Our design team can coordinate with surveyors around the country in a variety of file formats (i.e., .csv, .dwg) to complete quality design packages that are both simple, and effective, to keep your sites clean and productive.

  • Overall Pad Designs
  • Retention Ponds (as necessary)
  • Culvert Designs
  • Ditch Designs
  • Access Road Designs
  • Erosion Control Plans (BMP’s)
  • Fencing Plans and Details
  • Rocking Plans
  • Cement Stabilization Plans


By modeling everything in 3D, KAHUNA USA is able to quickly adjust to field deviations from our proposed gradings plan, and rapidly update the model, and drawings immediately reflecting updates.

Rapid RFI Responses

KAHUNA USA puts you first. We are flexible to your needs and field contractor recommendations, ensuring designs meet code.

Representative Projects

Intermountain Electronics
Crypto Mining Cold Formed Buildings

KAHUNA USA was tasked with validating several crypto mining buildings for our client. Initially intended to reside in areas with low snow loads. However, during analysis it was discovered  the loads in the new building locations were as high as 50 PSF, a 10-fold increase. The roof members were found to be insufficient. KAHUNA USA proposed a solution to retrofit the buildings with additional roof members, attached externally. The solution proposed by KAHUNA USA included  self-tapping screws to attach cold formed channels  to the existing roof members. The client was very pleased they were able to avoid a complete redesign of the roof system thanks to the successful execution of this structural design project by KAHUNA USA.

Eagle Claw East Toyah Plant

East Toyah presented KAHUNA USA with a unique structural problem. To access the new areas of the facility expansion, Eagle Claw needed to extend their pipe rack over a complex existing pipeline corridor which was over 100 FT wide. Due to the abundance of pipelines, locations where foundations could be installed, were limited. As a result, KAHUNA USA developed twin 60 FT pipe bridges that spanned the intricate corridor with one strategic foundation in the center. The pipe bridges were designed to minimize member sizes while maintaining deflections within allowable tolerances. Whether your structural problem is large or small, KAHUNA USA has the resources to expertly construct a solution.

NTACT/Seaboard Optima RNG Facility

Field supervisors contacted KAHUNA USA after a mishap in which the client’s concrete piers were formed and poured approximately four feet lower than shown in the design package. The mistake went unnoticed until concrete was already in the forms. KAHUNA USA Structural team was able to examine options with the client, create multiple solutions, and issue the approved cold-joint solution–all in the same day the concrete was poured. Contact KAHUNA USA for the solution you need to construct efficient and innovative structural engineering results.

We have the Civil + Structural experience you need.

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