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KAHUNA USA maximizes the capabilities of computer-aided design

KAHUNA USA designers take pride in their work. Industrious and dedicated to excellence, you can count on our designers to deliver the highest quality service. KAHUNA USA succeeds by exceeding client expectations. Quality control is vital to our method. We apply comprehensive analysis at various checkpoints in our design process. Whether your design and drafting needs are mechanical, control systems + instrumentation, electrical, or civil/structural, our skilled team delivers outstanding results utilizing the latest technology. We have also developed proprietary in-house software to help us quickly and accurately produce drawing packages tailored to your unique needs.

KAHUNA USA has over 40 highly skilled AutoCad + CADWorx drafters and designers specializing in documenting facilities from initial concept to fully developed construction packages. Whether you have greenfield or brownfield design needs, the expert designers at KAHUNA USA have your P&ID, PFD, Piping Plans, Isometric, and Bill of Material requirements covered.

Drafting Equipment & Software

All drafting and design by KAHUNA USA can be completed on the following software suites:

  • Autodesk Plant and Revit
  • CadWorx Plant and P&ID
  • Navisworks Manage, Simulate, and Freedom

KAHUNA USA specializes in using LiDAR Laser Scanning to bring the field to your desk. Ultra-precise As-Built facility drawings can be generated from a remote location. With this data, you can tour your facility regardless of where you are. This capability allows unparalleled accuracy while discussing modifications for your facility. KAHUNA USA brings the field to you with our design, drafting, and laser scanning services, including:

  • 3D Facility Models
  • Bill of Materials
  • Piping Plans
  • Isometrics
  • Plant As-Built Drawings
  • PFD’s & P&ID’s
  • LiDAR Laser Scanning
  • IC&E Design
  • Document Management
  • Point Cloud
  • Grading Plans
  • One-Lines
  • Plot Plans
  • Area Classification
  • Lecia Cyclone

Demonstrating the value of our Design, Drafting and Laser Scanning Expertise

Occidental Petroleum - DJ Basin

A Denver-Julesberg (DJ) basin oil and gas producer required a low-cost solution to create initial P&IDs, Plot Plans, and Electrical Area Classifications (EACs) for ~1,500 production pads. KAHUNA USA created go-by P&IDs and equipment models for each type of production equipment in the DJ basin. Utilizing client-supplied equipment lists for each facility, KAHUNA USA programmatically sorted P&IDs to create combined P&ID packages for each site. Using the same equipment list and aerial imagery, KAHUNA USA was able to quickly lay out Plot Plans and EACs.

Nustar Terminal - Portland

This facility is located on a river, and has a retaining wall protecting the soil from river erosion. However, water made it through the retaining wall and created large void spaces. 


  • Scan the void spaces
  • Create a model
  • Perform volume calculations on the amount of area in need of repair, and
  • Pinpoint precisely the space that needed repair

Using LiDAR scanning, KAHUNA USA provided information on a space that would otherwise have been too dangerous for a person to enterensuring safety, and significant cost savings for the client. 

Occidental Petroleum - Anadarko Assets

After Occidental Petroleum purchased Anadarko assets in the Delaware Basin of West Texas, the newly acquired production facilities required updated P&IDs and plot plans and electrical area classes. KAHUNA USA made use of Laser Scanning to drastically decrease the time onsite for each facility, reducing travel costs. Using the point cloud data, KAHUNA USA was able to virtually walk down and create plot plans and EACs for over 100 facilities in West Texas at a lower cost than design firms located in West Texas.

Buckeye Terminals - Various Locations

KAHUNA USA was requested to update valve, instrumentation, and equipment tags for a large terminal operator across the Eastern United States. Each facility required 5,000 – 10,000 tags to track equipment and instrumentation maintenance/lifecylce. KAHUNA USA used in-house programmers to develop a new process for automating the assignment and verification of tags. This specialized system from KAHUNA USA resulted in a 50% increase in efficiency for assigning and verifying equipment tags.

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