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Downstream Processing and Bulk Liquid Terminals


KAHUNA USA is your PROJECT EXECUTION engineering and design team for all downstream facilities. The job isn’t done until the product is delivered—and KAHUNA USA helps manage the details that can make or break your energy project, including:

KAHUNA USA can also deliver engineering and design modifications at existing pump facilities to accommodate new or upgraded equipment and metering.

We are here for you. KAHUNA USA serves as the owner’s engineer or as a trusted interim resource. Our project execution team supports all efforts from upfront capital cost estimating through to successful start-up, commissioning, and operations training, as well as due diligence, FEED studies, safety, and compliance.

KAHUNA USA has the proven ability to execute projects through an EPCM T&M approach or as a Lump Sum EPC project structure with proven construction partner relationships. KAHUNA USA is committed to working with YOUR desired contract and project approach.

KAHUNA USA has successfully performed multiple projects to update essential documentation, including:

  • P&IDs
  • PFDs
  • Plot Plans 
  • Evacuation Plans 
  • Electrical One Lines 
  • Hazardous Area Classification Drawings 
  • Cathodic Protection Drawings, and 
  • Equipment Lists 


Innovation in Action

shortened drawing completions saves time and money!

Document completion time is shortened by developing updated drawings from laser scan data--which also minimizes field-generated mark-ups.

Improved data accuracy

Data integrity is drastically improved using the KAHUNA USA methodology to reconcile existing equipment documentation by sharing data between equipment lists and P&IDs.

Saving time requires expertise and discipline, and begins by reviewing client-provided drawings, followed by 3D laser scanning the site, and finally VIRTUALLY walking down/updating the P&IDs utilizing the laser scanning data. 

After the drawings have been updated, KAHUNA USA then physically walks down the office-generated drawings marking changes, if any.

KAHUNA USA proactively shortens the time required to finalize drawings by using technology for both virtual and physical analyses. to reduce time in the field.

KAHUNA USA has developed a methodology to reconcile existing equipment documentation by sharing data between equipment lists and P&IDs. Generating this data in one place and pushing it out to various drawings or lists saves time by avoiding manual data input into multiple applications. As a result, not only is the process faster and more complete–the KAHUNA USA method drastically reduces data entry errors by eliminating redundant data entry.

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Business Development

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