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KAHUNA USA currently has 46 full-time dedicated PROCESS + MECHANICAL team members. This crew brings over 175 years of PROCESS + MECHANICAL engineering experience at KAHUNA USA and well over 200 years of Midstream industry experience. KAHUNA USA is well-positioned to address your process and mechanical engineering needs.

The KAHUNA USA Process + Mechanical team develops P&IDs, and plot plan layouts. We work to understand your environment, including specified equipment. Since KAHUNA USA is an integrated engineering firm, our Mechanical team closely coordinates with KAHUNA USA STRUCTURAL / CIVIL team for foundations and steel and 3D modeling. Once all of the equipment and paper are in the model, we validate all details with the piping model and review pipe supports, stress analysis, and other design criteria for your project. We produce isometric drawings, piping plans, and other needed construction documents. KAHUNA USA can also support construction.

The KAHUNA USA PROCESS + MECHANICAL engineering team works with all disciplines to specify and procure equipment to meet the project needs.

Equipment purchase support includes:

  • Calculating equipment sizing based on process conditions and specifications
  • Evaluating vendor proposals
  • Selecting suppliers
  • Reviewing and approving equipment submittals, and
  • Completing acceptance tests

collaborating for improved
return on investment.

PROMAX Process Modeling + Debottlenecking

KAHUNA USA was tasked with evaluating Salt Creek Midstream’s Processing Plant located near Pecos, Texas. The project purpose was to evaluate the plant inlet liquid handling facilities and provide recommendations for handling large slugs of liquids that have previously caused plant shutdowns and other operational issues.

Historically, Salt Creek Midstream had received liquid slugs exceeding 10,000 BBLs at the plant inlet. KAHUNA USA used its extensive experience with the design and operations of similar gas plants to make recommendations to alleviate the current issues. It is KAHUNA USA’s belief based upon operational experience that high-pressure storage of liquids should be minimized due to its expense. In lieu of expanding the slug catcher, KAHUNA USA looked at the volumes required to pass through the Slug Cacher into lower pressure surge vessels and the associated ancillary systems that support this operation.

Bottlenecks identified from the study include the low rate of liquid movement from the Slug Catcher to the LP Bullet Tanks due to undersized control values, the inability to process flash vapors that are generated when moving the high-pressure liquid slugs into the LP system, and condensate storage upstream of the stabilizer. In addition, the team identified the need to provide a steady gas stream into the plant to prevent cry upsets while liquids are being processed.

Phase 1 modifications were implemented resulting in the processing time of an 8,000 BBL slug reducing from +30 hours to less than 8 hours, a reduction of ~75%.


KAHUNA USA has acted as an owner’s engineer for multiple clients to ensure their facilities meet and exceed all PSM requirements. KAHUNA USA engineers and project managers are all versed in the multi aspects of PSM to ensure that all facility designs and documentation provide our clients with a complete PSM documentation package. Kahuna has also successfully assisted clients in generating all PSM documentation on recently acquired facilities. Our in-house PSM team can facilitate and scribe any sized PHA, HAZOP, or LOPA analysis.  

Feed studies and AFE Development

KAHUNA USA has a team of experienced Engineers and Project Managers who can generate accurate and timely Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) Studies to assist our clients in their new project development stages. From small operations-based brownfield projects to new large-scale greenfield projects, KAHUNA USA can assist with developing AFE estimates to ensure all projects have the appropriate upfront planning and budgeting in place for successful execution.

PSV and Flare Studies

The team of designers and engineers at KAHUNA USA is equipped to complete any sized PSV/Relief Valve and Flare Header Study. KAHUNA USA can provide all necessary services, including 3D Laser Scanning of the facility to gather all dimensional data associated with the PSV inlet/outlet piping and flare header sizes and lengths. KAHUNA USA engineers can quickly and efficiently build ProMax models of any processing facility to generate all process stream conditions and fluid properties required to verify and size all relieving scenarios in a processing facility. KAHUNA USA’s strong operations-focused background ensures that all recommendations are developed with minimal shutdowns required.

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