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KAHUNA USA has 20+ years of experience managing large scale (and small scale) energy construction projects SAFELY delivering PROJECTS on-time and on-budget–even under the most demanding time constraints. 

KAHUNA USA has nearly a dozen dedicated, full-time PROJECT MANAGEMENT team members, plus six CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT / ELECTRICAL INSPECTION team members. With more than 80 years of experience at KAHUNA USA, and well over 120 years of industry experience, KAHUNA USA is well positioned to help our clients EXECUTE their projects from PROJECT KICKOFF through CONSTRUCTION CLOSEOUT / START-UP & COMMISSIONING.

We affirm our ENERGY PROJECT EXECUTION expertise with every new project. Our goal is to ensure your project is not hindered by unnecessary delays. Our experience covers multidisciplinary engineering, procurement, construction management, electrical inspection, safety management, project planning, project controls, cost controls, and project commissioning.

KAHUNA USA  is a full-service ENERY PROJECT EXECUTION provider supporting our clients with engineering, procurement, construction management, and safety management. Throughout every project, SAFETY is a top priority at KAHUNA USA. We also provide Energy Response Plans, Safety Management Plans, and Safety Construction Inspections.

We take the headache out of CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT

  • Project Management and overall Project Oversight
  • Construction Management including Construction Safety
  • Electrical Inspection
  • Document Control
  • Procurement and field material handling
  • Safety inspections and management
  • Commmissioning and Start-up including Emergency Response Plans
  • Vendor Commissioning Coordination


Carmen: This facility expansion posed some unique challenges managing legacy equipment and complicated layouts. With KAHUNA USA support, the facility grew to include inlet liquids receiving and handling, OH compression, and the retrofit of an RTO to help with permitting requirements and updates. The switchover required several temporary solutions and equipment to make the old and new systems operate as one. KAHUA USA improves existing facilities by utilizing clever design enhancements to benefit our clients’ operations.

enLink Midstream - Chisholm Trains II and III

Enlink purchased the facilities in Oklahoma from Tall Oak and KAHUNA USA continued to work with EnLink on the full expansion of the Chisholm facilities. KAHUNA USA again employed all their project execution services for Train II and III, including coordination with the local utility to bring in a separate main line and substation to provide Chisholm redudancy in its electrical supply. KAHUNA USA worked closely with EnLink to duplicate Train II for Train IIII reducing engineering and design time and accelerating the construction timeline. Dedicated project manangement and engineering support gives our clients an advantage for efficient project completion.

Kinetik - East Toyah, Pecos, Pecos Bend

KAHUNA USA provided the full slate of in-house services for multiple greenfield and brownfield facilities for Kinetik Midstream (formerly Eagleclaw). The execution of these projects started with conceptual design through start-up and commissioning. KAHUNA USA was responsible for the entire engineering and design effort and field construction management, including electrical inspection, QA/QC, field engineering, and start-up and commission support. Some of these facilities had unique obstacles, summarized below:

East Toyah – Originally built by BHP Billiton, Kinetic contracted with KAHUNA USA to expand this brownfield facility from a 60 MMscfd refrigeration facility to a 460 MMscfd cryogenic gas processing plant. KAHUNA USA positioned engineers, field inspectors, and construction managers to enable the removal of the original refrigeration facility and allow for the development and optimization of the new cryogenic gas processing plant. The project was methodically executed to experience minimal downtime at the facility.

Pecos – Working continuously with flare vendors, KAHUNA USA designed and engineered a 200’ tall process safety flare for installation within 3 miles of the local municipal airport—meticulous project execution for real-world challenges.

Pecos Bend – At this 520 MMscfd brownfield facility acquired by Kinetik, KAHUNA USA worked to correct multiple deficiencies identified around the facility to bring it up to DOT, ASME, API, and NEC requirements. To accommodate ongoing engineering and design work, Kahuna executed an entire facility LiDAR scan to generate accurate as-built construction documents.

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